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The 3 Degrees of Fear


We understand that we can't get over our fears overnight and we can't tell someone to " just get over it". We each undergo fear at nuanced levels based on how we have been conditioned, how we experience and assimilate society's, family's, work, and our own expectations, and any trauma we have experienced that ties with taking risks or breaking orders and rules. Through research and data, we have identified and segregated fears that we experience into 3 categories - The 3 Degrees of Fear



Through research, we create resources to help us to shift the various degrees of fear into courage and empowerment. We want you to take action with us.


Our Fears Are Valid And We Have The Courage to Overcome

This level of fear comes from the lens of insecurities of the self. This is when we confuse and overwhelm ourselves by overthinking situations, prevent ourselves from taking actions from our past failures, or from the fear of what ifs - the unknown future. Our anxiety takes control of us.

  • What if I am not good enough

  • What if people say "I told you so"

  • What if I do not have the knowledge

  • What is I do not have the experience

  • What if they say bad things about me

This level of fear comes from the lens of restrictions not only of the self but restrictions imposed onto us by society, schools, work, families, communities. This can be caused by viscous and volatile situations where our right might be compromised to facilitate someone else's right, or our characters defamed if we stand up and voice to claim our rights.

This degree of fear creates a detrimental effect on us through oppression.

  • Creates a culture of silence

  • Defames or scrutinizes our character

This level of fear comes from the lens of dehumanization. This is compounded fear instilled onto us by others via their words, actions in the form of physical abuse, mental abuse, and emotional abuse. This becomes the most detrimental degrees of fear that causes anxiety, depression, paralysis of the mind, and in some cases suicide.

This degree of fear is no longer in the flight or fight mode. It becomes a paralysis mode where it dehumanizes us in the following ways:

  • Dehumanizes us

  • Crumbles our worth

  • Corrodes our identity

  • Oppresses our voice

  • Defames our character

  • Erases our confidence

  • Creates a culture of silence

  • Displaces us from our environment

  • Creates tunnel vision where we are not able to think with clarity