Fear is inherently present in our lives. It isn't an illusion nor is it something that we can get over in a matter of seconds or minutes. Fear is being instilled into us through acts of hatred, discrimination, segregation, oppression, and more. The impact of fear has the ability to corrode our confidence, eliminate our identity, and dehumanize us. It is time to shift that paradigm of fear into courage and empowerment.


Fear Isn't Singular. Fear Has Many Faces.

Fear Has A Face is here to shift the paradigm of fear into courage and make courage & empowerment be the new epidemic in the world .



Mila DeChant loves to respond to the question of " Where are you really from" in a witty but logical way. " I am from my mum's womb". She spent over 15 years learning about human evolution, human conditioning, and how our hearts respond to our words and actions. She continuously strives to travel and lives in different parts of the world to challenge concepts for the sake of innovation and to continuously learn how we have the limitless potential to continuously become when we forget how we have been conditioned. From Asia to Europes and she is now living in North America. She is always willing to challenge someone in order to break the convenience of falling into the habit of accepting singularity concepts. Currently, she is based out of DC and is the Founder and CEO of Chief of Hearts.


Fear has become an infestation in our lives, communities, and nation through acts of violence, hatred, segregation, stigmatization, and more. Fear has the detrimental impact to silence humans, oppress our identities, corrode our confidence, eliminate our hopes, and individualism. In some cases, humans resort to suicide as they do not have a support system or hope. Our mission is to shift that epidemic of fear into empowerment and courage through partnerships with businesses, other humans, community leaders, world leaders, and other communities of practises and through dialogues and collaborative efforts. The more we speak, take action, and take space, we create a positive impact. Share with us your story and participate in Project Courage - #notesoflove.


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